About the Authors

Apart from constant blog authors, contributions are made by guest professionals within the field of sport and exercise science.

id photoAnastasios Rodis is an exercise physiologist at Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Qatar.  Anastasios holds a European Masters in Medical Sciences with a specialisation in Sport Psychology (Lund Universitet, Sweden and University of Leipzig, Germany). He has also completed an M.Sc in Applied exercise physiology (University of Bangor, wales, UK) and a B.Sc in Sport Sciences (University of Portsmouth, UK). Anastasios has 15 years of athletic history in track and field. He has worked as a sport psychologist with elite Swedish swimmers. He has also efficiently cooperated as an exercise physiologist with Panathinaikos football club and worked with elite athletic teams, individual athletes as well as patients with musculoskeletal injuries. His main focus is the promotion of exercise and healthy lifestyle by using and combining both physical and mental techniques. You can reach all Anastasios` articles by clicking here.                        e-mail: anastasios.rodis@gmail.com                                                                                Webpage: http://anastasios-rodis.weebly.com                                                                                                                                      

snezanaSnezana Stoljarova is a recent graduate with a Master’s Degree of the European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (2013) at Lunds Universitet, Sweden. She has also completed her Bachelor degree in Psychology (2007) and a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology (2010) from the Tallinn University, Estonia. Snezana has 19 years of athletic history in rhythmic and aestheitc group gymnastics, competing both nationally and internationally. She has also worked as a physical coach for young gymnasts both in Sweden and in Estonia. Currently Snezana is back to her hometown Tallinn, starting off her applied sport psychology consulting, and reading sport psychology seminar course in Tallinn University. You can reach all Snezanas` articles by clicking here.                                                                   e-mail: snezana.stoljarova@gmail.com                                                                             webpage: http://www.estipp.eu

Camilo Saenz M.Camilo Sáenz M. is a PhD student in Sport Psychology at Florida State University. He studied the European Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology (2012), a double degree program from Lunds Universitet (Sweden) and Universität Leipzig (Germany). He completed his bachelor degree in Psychology (2008) and a Masters Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (2010) from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. He has worked in clinical psychology practice within the Cognitive-Behavioral model and has worked with junior tennis players in Sweden and Colombia. His main interest is the development and application of intervention programs to enhance human performance. You can reach all Camilos` articles by clicking here.                                                                                                     e-mail: camilosaenzm@gmail.com

IMG_3335Elo Heinaste is a strength and conditioning coach and a physiotherapist who has obtained a Master degree in sports science with a focus on sport medicine at Lund University, Sweden. She has also completed her bachelor’s in physiotherapy at Tartu University, Estonia. Elo has 13 years athletic history in karate, competing both nationally and internationally. She has worked as a physical therapist and a conditioning coach for various professional, youth and national teams, mainly in the field of basketball. She has completed internships in basketball clubs Ljubljana Olimpija (Slovenia) and St Petersburg Spartak (Russia). Elo is currently working with several professional senior and national teams in Estonia. You can reach all Elos` articles by clicking here.                                                                                                e-mail: eloheinaste@gmail.com

Johanna BelzJohanna Belz is a full time lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne with her main teaching areas being sport psychology and health sport. She has obtained a Master degree in sport science with a focus on sport psychology at Lund University in Sweden (2013). Beforehand she completed her Diploma degree in psychology with a focus on health psychology at Trier University in Germany (2011). Johanna has gained practical experience with performance enhancement of internationally competing athletes, in the clinical psychology setting, and with running therapy. She has a background in track and field and cross country running. You can reach all Johannas` articles by clicking here.                                                                  e-mail: johannabelz@gmail.com

Luka SvilarLuka Svilar is a strength and conditioning coach who earned his Master degree at School of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia with a specialisation in Strength & Conditioning of Athletes. He had privilege to be an exchange student at the School of Physical Education and Sports, Comenius University, Slovakia and at the School of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden. Since 2011 Luka has been enrolled in S&C programs of youth and senior national basketball teams of Croatia (winning golden medal at U18 Euro championship). During the season 2013-2014 he worked as a head S&C coach in BC Türk Telekom, Ankara, Turkey. Currently Luka resides in Zagreb, working as a coach of Biotraining sport company where he improves the performance of athletes in various sports such as basketball, tennis and football. He has published several papers related to sports training and injury prevention and has been repeatedly awarded for exceptional study achievements. After his graduation Luka was accepted for a position of  lecturer at University of Zagreb. You can reach all Lukas` articles by clicking  here.                                    e-mail: luka_svilar@yahoo.com  

Julian GonzalezJulian Gonzalez is a sport psychologist who holds a Master Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Lunds Universitet, Sweden and University of Leipzig in Germany. He completed his bachelor degree in Psychology (2010) from the Universidad FUKL in Colombia.  Julian is also a former professional footballer in Colombia, who competed in the highest division in Club Deportivo Los Millonarios, Independiente Santafe and Deportes Quindio. He has special interest in working with ACT-Mindfulness model, Talent development and Career transition for athletes. Currently, he runs his own sport psychology consulting company and works at Club Deportivo Los Millonarios as sport psychologist in charge of youth teams. You can reach all Julians’ articles by clicking here.                                                          e-mail: yeferjulian@hotmail.com                                                                                                       webpage: www.mentalitet.co/en

9 Responses to About the Authors

  1. I love to see this collaboration of various backgrounds and knowledge! Great site.

  2. netjulie says:

    Amazing to see the importance of balance the mind and the body to work as one!

  3. Derick Madden says:

    Hi I have a question about your blog, could you please email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

    • Camilo Sáenz M. says:

      Derick, feel free to contact any of us. You can find our email addresses on the ‘About the Authors’ page of our blog. Thanks for reading!

  4. physioshane says:

    some good minds there from different backgrounds. Good Blog keep it up. Look forward to different opinions, thats the way we move forward as a profession, by looking (and accepting or rejecting) others idea’s.

  5. Luka Svilar says:

    Thanks a lot Shane!

  6. mario says:

    amazing page and articles.
    looking forward to learn from you all and apply it in my teaching methods so I can be better every time.

  7. Love what I have read so far! I am a current undergrad student at the University of Wisconsin looking to pursue a career in sports psychology as well. I am passionate about the current trend of youth sports and many of the issues and topics that you guys have spoken to on your blog thus far. It’s always exciting to read and hear about people with similar missions, paths and interests! Thank you for your contribution! Feel free to check out my blog and give any feedback or comments if you get a chance 🙂

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